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How To Build Up Your Child’s Investment Portfolio on BFM 89.9, The Business Radio Station

On 23 May 2013, I was invited to BFM Business Radio Station 89.9 to share with the listener how to build up your child’s investment portfolio. You may download the podcast below. Topic highlights are:

  1. What are the rules you can educate your child before they go into any investment?
  2. How much is the investment aspect to be left to the child and how much involvement by the parents?
  3. How important it is to teach a child if they making a lost?


Why People Face Money Woes

Dear Readers, Tiffany was honored to be invited by New Straits Times to contribute financial literacy article on a weekly basis. The article will be appearing on every fortnightly on Thursday in NIeXTER section. Let me share with you the first article published on 9 May 2013 – Why People Face Money Woes. Hope you enjoy it and share it out with your friends and family members.

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Financial Intelligence Talk at NOL Malaysia

Financial Intelligence Education Talk at NOL (Neptune Orient Lines), Singapore largest shipping & logistic group 


Live Talk Show on Capital TV Channel 420, Hypp TV


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Needs vs Wants

2 weeks ago, I was invited for a breakfast talk at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Petaling Jaya to share with the public and students to cultivate the good financial habits. Some parents shared with me that they were deeply concerned with their child spending habits. The younger generation are spending beyond what they could afford (or spend beyond their means).

You may be wondering why young people falls into excessive spending habit? The common reason is because many young people were brought up from a well to-do family, and they were not taught to differentiate between Needs and Wants. Needs is something that you can not live without, else you will die. Wants is a wish list. For instance, to fulfill our desire with good food, we can have a decent meal in a Kopitiam/Hawker Centre. However, some people choose to have it in a high end restaurant. Instantly the food bill goes up few folds. You may not know that – you are helping the owner to pay for the restaurant’s rental and renovation cost.

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