Learn to Save

People always been talking about saving. But, what is the smartest way to save? The answer is PAY YOURSELF FIRST. How? Come find out yourself and share with your friends and family.

Do You Hungry For Pizza?

Live Your Dream!

As parents, we should encourage our child to treasure their dream. We believe that every child is unique and they have a special gift in them. In the recent Money Smart Camp we organized, a few of my students shared they have never think of their dreams before except working hard for exam. I was very impressed by their Vision Board the next day. In fact, they have found their dreams and draw goals to work towards it. Hence, never too late to look for your dream!

Set Goals To Live Your Dream

Everyone has a dream inside them. Lets find out how you can set SMART goals to make your dream materialize!

Salt for Shoes?

Have you ask your kids before – what is money? Where its origin? Maybe you can share with them to clear their doubts…