GST (Good & Services Tax) Implementation for Malaysia

Malaysia implemented on 1 Apr 2015 at the rate of 6%. The tax payment of GST is worked out by deducting GST Input Tax from GST Output Tax. We helped several clients successfully with the transition from SST to GST system. 

Budgeting & Long Range Plan

Organizations run the budgeting process annually. However, many organizations did not achieve the desired profits. This is mainly due to the lack of sensitivity analysis. More importantly, a Long Range Plan is the core to help organization to materialize its long term goal. We help our client to develop budget and forecast model with high level of accuracy.

Business Process Improvement

Often organization with expanded staff strength still facing low level of efficiency. Commonly, this is due to inefficient workflows or the staff is being assigned a job beyond their skill set. We help our client identify the weaknesses in the business process, follow by implementation of recommended new operating procedures to improve work performance and satisfactory level.

Financial Planning & Analysis Practice

A business profitability level can be multiplied if financial planning and analysis division is in practise. Through the use of ABC costing, sensitivity analysis, and big data analysis, client’s revenue is increased while cost spending is streamlined.

Setup Finance Shared Service Centre

We help our client structure and setup the Finance Shared Service Centre. Subsequently we train the staff and transfer the knowledge and know-how to do the task. This will be covered in the full spectrum of function which including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Month End Close Procedure and checklist, Reconciliation of Account and etc.